Becoming a member of the Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines comes with benefits and privileges.

Direct Benefits

  • Member companies get one free slot to our General Membership Meetings, held six times a year.
  • Members get a free copy of Supply Chain Philippines, our twice-yearly magazine on supply chain issues, trends and developments.
  • Individual members and employees of member companies get priority registration and discounts of up to 20% on SCMAP conferences, seminars and events.

Indirect Benefits

  • SCMAP represents its members in the formulation of government policies and regulations, as well as in public hearings and fora on relevant issues.
  • SCMAP membership provides an opportunity to exchange information on industry practices, trends and developments through our participation in surveys, benchmarking activities and other similar processes.
  • SCMAP membership provides opportunities for training your personnel through our events such as Supply Chain Immersion and Supply Chain Mornings, as well as our linkages with other organizations in the country and the region.
  • SCMAP members get access to our roster of representatives within the industry, government and the academe.

How SCMAP Helps Its Members

  • Members have greatly benefited from SCMAP’s successful efforts in reducing, containing and postponing increases in logistics costs, the benefits of which run into the hundreds of millions of pesos.
  • SCMAP’s initiatives have helped prevent disadvantageous regulations and impositions, such as a total truck ban in major expressways, valuation surcharges in shipping, and shipping deregulation provisions that are unfair to cargo owners.
  • SCMAP has pushed for government to establish standards in cargo shipping.