We are a community that moves the global competitiveness of the Philippine supply chain industry.

The Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines is the premiere supply chain organization in the country. It represents the country’s supply chain industry – advocating for its enhancement and improvement, communicating the latest developments and trends, and educating supply chain practitioners on all levels, leading to a world class Philippines.

SCMAP is comprised of over 180 members, both companies and individuals, spread in three chapters across the country. Its members include the top manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers. It is led by a ten-member Board of Directors, which is elected annually, and is supported by the Secretariat, led by the Executive Director.

SCMAP’s work centers on three main pillars, helping position the country’s supply chain industry towards competitiveness, and enhancing its role in nation building.

Advocate: Throughout its history SCMAP has advocated for policy reforms involving the supply chain industry. It has called for efficient port operations, justifiable transport costs and development of multi-modal logistics systems, among others. The organization frequently collaborates with government agencies, industry groups and other stakeholders to push these policy reforms.

Communicate: SCMAP strives to keep its membership up to date on industry trends, developments and opportunities. Regular events such as General Membership Meetings serve as a venue for discussion between stakeholders, while its flagship events, such as the annual SCMAP Supply Chain Conference, connect major players in industry, business and government with supply chain professionals of all stripes. Supply Chain Philippines magazine, released to members twice a year, also provides background on industry issues and developments.

Educate: SCMAP is committed to equipping supply chain professionals with insight, tools and techniques to help them work better, through events such as Supply Chain Immersion and Supply Chain Mornings. The organization also works with groups such as TESDA and GoNegosyo in formulating programs aimed at enhancing supply chain capabilities for everyone—from those working in the front line, to entrepreneurs, to middle-level and corporate-level supply chain managers.