The Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines was founded in 1989, as the Distribution Management Association of the Philippines (DMAP). Composed of ten charter member companies, it was formed as a response to what was perceived to be unfair increases in shipping rates. DMAP believed that cargo owners should be participants in the process of determining rates that affect their business. This cause-oriented slant paid off in 1990, when the organization’s efforts led to a reduced increase in shipping rates, from a proposed 39% to just 25%.

DMAP also moved to develop and advance the then burgeoning supply chain industry. It organized workshops, seminars and fora on different aspects of logistics and distribution. It began its collaboration with the De La Salle University in 1991; it mounted the first Shipping Immersion Course (now the Supply Chain Immersion) in 1992; and held its first annual conference, then called the Distribution 2000 Conference, in 1992.

Throughout the years DMAP continued its advocacy work. Among other issues, it opposed the MMDA’s proposed “odd-even” traffic scheme, as well as a plan to establish a unified port contractor. It also supported efforts towards the modernization of ports and efficiencies in the supply chain industry, and played a role in the development of the RORO Nautical Highway.

In 2007, recognizing the evolution of the distribution industry towards the supply chain industry, DMAP became SCMAP. With its thrust towards moving the global competitiveness of the Philippine supply chain industry, SCMAP became even more active across the country, with the establishment of chapters in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro. SCMAP also plays an active role in regional development, with a presence in international fora and an involvement in the development of the ASEAN RORO scheme. It has also expanded its network of partners and collaborators, working with the likes of REID Foundation, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and GoNegosyo to grow the supply chain industry through policy reforms and education.

DMAP/SCMAP Presidents

1990: Antonio Abellera (Proctor & Gamble Philippines)
1991: Camilo Reyes (Philippine Refinery Company)
1992: Ma. Lourdes Santos (Johnson & Johnson Philippines)
1993: Eduardo Sanchez (San Miguel Corporation)
1994: Roberto Cabaero (Purefoods Corporation)
1994: Rolando Gonzales (Colgate-Palmolive Philippines)
1995-96: Norman Adriano (Avon Products Manufacturing)
1997: Eric Perdigon (Colgate-Palmolive Philippines)
1998-99: Corazon Curay (Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines)
2000-01: Enrique Castillo (Nestlé Philippines)
2001-02: Corazon Curay (Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines)
2002: Lorenzo Cinco (The Purefoods-Hormel Company)
2003: Ma. Arlene Azul (Nestlé Philippines)
2004: Ana Rose Ochoa (Johnson & Johnson Philippines)
2005: Ceferino Gabrino (Splash Manufacturing)
2006-09: Corazon Curay (XVC Logistics)
2010-11: Dennis Llovido (Nestlé Philippines)
2012: Enrique Castillo (Fast Logistics)
2013: Gabriel Patag (TNT Worldwide Express)
2013-14: Arnel Gamboa (Benby Enterprises)
2015: Mark Philip Comandante (Danone Universal Robina)
2015-16: Corazon Curay (XVC Logistics)
2017-present: Nestor Felicio (United Laboratories)