SCMAP is led by a ten-person Board of Directors, elected annually by the general membership. Afterwards, those elected choose among themselves who will take up the positions of President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

All officers and directors serve a term of one year. However, the president serves a term of two years. On a president’s first year, a Vice President is selected among the others; on his second year, a President Elect – who will succeed the President at the end of his term – is chosen. This is done to ensure continuity in SCMAP programs and advocacies.

Supporting the Board of Directors is the Secretariat, which is led by the Executive Director. Also providing assistance are members of SCMAP’s committees. Led by a director, the committees give additional help and insight to ensure the organization serves its membership more effectively.

Nestor Felicio
United Laboratories, Inc.

Christine Pardiñas
Vice President
Rustan Supercenters Inc.

Dina Pilapil
LF Philippines

Manuel Onrejas Jr.
Fast Logistics

Clarissa Castillo
Johnson & Johnson Philippines

Anghelita Santor
Nestlé Philippines

Cristina Alvarez
Procter & Gamble Philippines

German Martizano
Unilever Philippines

Mark Philip Comandante
Zuellig Pharma

Pierre Carlo Curay
XVC Logistics

Norman Adriano
Executive Director