SCMAP has a presence across the country through the establishment of chapters in major industry and logistics hubs.

SCMAP Visayas

Founded in 2013, the SCMAP Visayas chapter is based in Cebu City and has 36 members among the region’s manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers. It also holds regular events, such as the annual Vismin Supply Chain Management Congress. For more information on the SCMAP Visayas chapter, click here.

SCMAP North Luzon

Founded in 2017, the SCMAP North Luzon chapter is based in Clark Freeport and has 16 members among the region’s manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers.

SCMAP Mindanao

SCMAP is in the process of establishing a chapter in Mindanao, based in Cagayan de Oro. Currently there are 13 members based in the region.